Firmware Updater

Use the Firmware Updater Application to install the latest software version to your controller.

Firmware Updater on Mac

The Firmware Updater Application is available for Mac and PC. The purpose of the application for UniSketch OS based controller is to:

  • Get access to the specific configuration page for your controller (unique page) via "Online Configuration"
  • Generate and upload firmware to your device via "Check for updates"

Please notice if you have made any local settings on your controller these will be overwritten when pressing "Check for updates". We recommend to use "Online Configuration" when you want to change the configuration of your device such as altering the settings and set IP addresses.

For uploading a new firmware, you need to connect your controller to your mac/pc with the programming cable (USB cable) and have internet connection. 


Please Notice: Using the "Check for updates" will only work on UniSketch OS based controllers. Do not attempt to upgrade non UniSketch based controllers as this will interfere with the firmware on your device.


Each firmware generated from the Firmware Updater/on are unique and locked to the specific device. Therefore do not attempt to download a firmware generated on and upload it to a different device. This will not work.

For UniSketch OS based controllers running SKAARDUINO Due - Mac:

The driver necessary for communication between SKAARHOJ devices and OS X are included in the operation system by default, so no further action required besides downloading and installing the file below.

Mac Version V2.1
(For Mac OS X El Capitan or newer)

For UniSketch OS based controllers running SKAARDUINO Due - PC:

A driver is required for Windows 10 to recognize a SKAARHOJ device. Get this by downloading and installing the Arduino IDE. Once complete download and install the Firmware Updater Application below

PC Version V2.2
(Tested on Windows 10)


For non UniSketch OS based controllers running SKAARDUINO AVR/EtherMega - PC:

First download and install the FTDI/VCP driver.

Then download and install the Firmware Updater application:

PC Version V2.2
(Tested on Windows 10)

Connect your controller with the USB programming cable and press "Online Configuration" to enter the configuration page on for your particular controller.
Edit, modify and tweak your config and press save.
Press "Check for updates" to update the firmware on your controller.
Example from the "Firmware Overview" tab from a configuration page.

When you have accessed the configuration page for your device you can see and download the firmware files if you would like. You access these by pressing the "Firmware Overview".

Identify Microprocessor in Your Controller.

Please notice. The below .hex firmware files are for non UniSketch based controllers only. In order to download the right .hex file you first need to identify the microprocessor in your controller. Use the picture as a reference, and see your invoice for MCU details. The Firmware Updater Application only works with EtherMega, SKAARDUINO and SKAARDUINO Due based controllers.


Pocket Controllers

Rack Controllers

Camera Control

Example of serial monitor for a C90 MII booting up and connecting to an ATEM Switcher.
Example of serial monitor for an C90 MII loosing connection to an ATEM switcher and reconnecting.

The serial monitor is a great tool for analysing your controller. The tool can be used to check current IP settings, and to determine any network connection issues. If you experience any connectivity problems, we recommend connecting your controller directly to your ATEM switcher to confirm the controller can communicate with the ATEM Switcher and IP settings are correct. 

In order to use the serial monitor you need to connect your controller to your mac/pc with the programming cable (USB cable). 


In the UniSketch manual you can learn about the different commands you can send to your controller via the Serial Monitor.