Tally Box System

The SKAARHOJ Tally System is a great add-on for your live video-production. The tally light have two LEDs - one facing the camera operator and the big one facing the presenter. The operator LED have both program and preview tally while the presenter LED is just for program. The two switches on the tally light enables the operator to turn on/off the main LED and to dim the operator LED. The Tally Box System handles up to 8 tally lights, connecting either directly via the box, or by daisy chain running from tally light to tally light.

Use the Tally Box system to take full control of your live video production. It's a small and simple yet very powerful tool for optimizing the flow of a production. Great for consumer and prosumer cameras with no integrated tally solution.

Tally for Blackmagic Design ATEM Production Switchers

The SKAARHOJ Tally Box System is compatible with the whole range of ATEM Switchers. No need for the "GPI and Tally Interface" from Blackmagic - the system connects to the ATEM Switcher via network.

Tally for vMix

The system is also compatible with vMix via our vMix Bridge Software. Connects to vMix via network.

Tally from ETH-GPI Link

The ETH-GPI Link can take GPI signals and send them over ethernet to the Tally Box which will route it out to the lamps.

Strong and sturdy mountable hot shoe adapter in metal with locking washer. Ready to take a beating for a life on the road.

Two switches are integrated on the Tally Light


  • Switch 1: On/off main LED (red)

  • Switch 2: Dimmed on/off operator LED (red + green)

The main LED (red) provides a large, clear and bright light easy visible for the presenter to know which camera is on program. The LED can be turned on/off with a switch on the tally light. 

The operator LED shines red when on program and green when on preview. With the swich on the tally light the operator LED can be dimmed when used in very low light conditions to avoid blinding the camera operator.

Tally Box System Features

  • Program + Preview Tally
  • Star connection
  • Daisy chain connection
  • Tested with 200m cable
  • On/off switch for main LED (red)
  • Dimmed on/off switch for operator LED (red + green)
  • UniSketch web interface for extensive configuration

Physical Specifications

Tally Box

  • Enclosure Size 16.7 x 8 x 2.9 cm
  • Weight 0.350 kg

Tally Light

  • Enclosure Size 5.5 x 4.4 x 2.6 cm
  • Weight 0.060 kg
The Tally Box have integrated LEDs for each output
Daisy chain the tally lights for ease of cabling

Tally Box

The SKAARHOJ Tally Box supports a total of 8 tally lights and offers both program + preview tally. You connect it to your network and the lights to the 8 outputs. You can either connect them one by one or in a daisy chain configuration by a maximum of 3 in a row.

The order of the daisy chain is determined by which output you choose (numbers listed on the box). In the default-shipping configuration it will have the following assignment. 

  • Output 1 = Tally ID 1
  • Output 2 = Tally ID 2
  • Output 3 = Tally ID 3
  • Etc.

It's possible to connect single lights and daisy chain simultaneous, e.g. Output 1 = Tally 1, Output 2 = Tally 2 and Output 3 = Tally 3+4 in daisy chain (since it's output 3-4-1)

If preferable you can alter the assignments of Output/Tally ID. E.g.

  • Output 1 = Tally 5
  • Output 2 = Tally 6
  • Output 3 = Tally 7
  • Output 4 = Tally 8

In a daisy chain configuration this would result in

  • Output 1-2-3 = Tally 5-6-7
  • Output 2-3-4 = Tally 6-7-8
  • Output 3-4-1 = Tally 7-8-5
  • Etc.

From € 219 - € 1649

- for customers worldwide (except USA)  

Models and Options

From $ 249 - $ 1949

- for customers in USA

Models and Options


For systems with 7 Tally lights or more, contact us to get a quote. 


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