Rack Fusion Live

Hello Robot! Rack Fusion Live adds PTZ control to your live switching surface in a phenomenally compact controller perfect for your fly-away kit.











  • Four-way buttons with OLED legends 
  • RGB multi-level metering LEDs
  • High-quality backlit encoders with wide OLED displays 
  • 3-axis joystick
  • Custom molded 9-key bus row 
  • Transition fader with RGB LED bar for transition position or VU metering 
  • ME section with multi-level shift, and user keys 
  • Multi-function keys for pre- sets and camera selection 
  • Rack unit or desktop console in one 
  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)
  • UniSketch OS
  • Technical Drawing

Add best-in-class NKK buttons with sculptured caps to the lower bus row and ME section for old-school luxury

Upgrade to an industrial precision Hall effect joystick for increased ergonomic comfort and motion precision


Rack Fusion Live works with a great variety of device cores and is a popular choice for:






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